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It seems that agricultural apps are becoming more commonplace for data collection, evaluation, and monitoring through mobile agricultural apps. Interestingly, this is also producing some very impressive results, particularly in the United Kingdom agriculture sector. While these types of apps were created initially to help in development work, the results have been so impressive in determining what approaches are the most effective and where public services are needed, that it is now also used in developed countries.

How Agri Apps can be Beneficial to the UK Agriculture Sector

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Traditionally, the agricultural sector monitored its projects using pen and paper. This was a time consuming method, however, and also one that is prone to human error. Furthermore, it greatly slowed down overall communication between the different partners in the sector. By using mobile agricultural applications, many of these problems can be solved.


The BBC reported that UK sheep farmers are turning to apps to help asses flock, keep track of medical conditions and symptoms.

Indeed, experts from around the world are now discussing the benefits they have experienced from using software, apps, tablets, and mobiles to collect data about their agricultural activities. This has led to the creation of a global strategy, which impacts not just the developing world, but also the agricultural sector in the United Kingdom and other countries. There have been numerous apps that have proven to be particularly beneficial and Breeze & Freeze has been at the heart of that designing apps with landowners and animal keepers in mind.

Below are just a few examples of our apps for the agricultural and farming sector.

  • 3D Beef Carcass App. The app was created for EBLEX to help teach individuals on where beef joints come from on the carcass.
  • Virtual Daisy App. A dairy cow scoring app developed for Holstein created with 2D and 3D graphics which helps to educate dairy farmers reach the very best in Holstein cow classification.

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Key Messages about Farming Apps in the Agricultural Sector

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Breeze & Freeze are keen for people to understand that having the technology is not enough. It is equally important that workers are trained on using them appropriately. Only in that manner can the different apps become sustainable.

At the same time, there is no need to have highly complex platforms or ICT technologies. Rather, the agricultural sector should aim to build on the technology they already have. For instance, a lot of farmers use Excel sheets to monitor their production, and this information could simply be exported through cloud applications.

It is also important that local factors have to be included. Even in the United Kingdom, there are significant environmental differences between different parts of the country. This means agricultural apps have to be adaptable and reflect the various differences.


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