Key Benefits of Motion Graphics in your Projects

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When to use Motion Graphics in your Project

Motion graphics are fantastic tools. Offering a fantastic way of communicating information. They blend storytelling with visual communication, thus gaining a far greater reach. They also enable complex messages to be presented in an easy to understand manner.

What Are Motion Graphics?

Motion graphics aren’t quite like cartoons, nor are they videos. They can be GIFs, 3D renderings, 2D animations, virtual reality, 360-degree videos, and so on. They are designed to help brands by including a wealth of information in an easy to understand, pleasing to the eye manner. Research has shown that 40% of people would prefer to watch a video than read the information presented in that video, which is significant for brand development.

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Graphics in motion can be used for all types of communication. These include traditional ads, promo videos, explainer videos, culture marketing videos, social videos, and more. According to research, 46% of consumers have bought things because they saw a video, which is very impressive,

5 Benefits Offered by Motion Graphics

1. Motion design captivates the emotions, going beyond grabbing the attention of the viewers. It is a psychological fact that we mirror the emotions presented to us in videos, which can be a powerful tool for marketers.

2. Motion graphics make it easy to distil complex information, creating something that is easy to understand. This can be very important in complex industries such as the agriculture and food sectors. It ensures that everybody, from the local farmer to the huge agricultural conglomerations, can share data and understand its implications, for instance. Motion graphics can be used for tutorials, processes, data visualization, abstract concepts, and so on.

3. They create a passive experience. The average consumer watches six hours of video a week on social media. People enjoy being able to just watch and do nothing else and that is precisely what motion graphics can do. They make it easy to consume information.

4. They can be used for other things, essentially by re-purposing them. Because you can share motion graphics on social media, they have a much longer life cycle. They can be added to a wealth of other communications, using them to define your brand.

5. A motion graphic is no less than 30 seconds and no more than three minutes in total. Yet, watching just 10 seconds of a video, according to a study completed by Facebook in 2015, is enough to lead to brand awareness. It would require someone to read 1,500 words at least to have the same impact.


Clearly, motion graphics are very important for marketers to have in their toolkits. However, they are only effective if they fit in with the overall story and goals of the organisation. Companies like Breeze & Freeze are able to create motion graphics that really have an impact. They also help to determine whether or not these types of graphics are beneficial at all, as there are situations in which other types of marketing may be more suitable.

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