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The modern world is one where social media and 24/7 broadcasts have made it surprisingly challenging to appear online, on the radio, and on TV. Getting on the media is very easy, but being noticed and remembered is incredibly hard. This is why companies like Breeze & Freeze have developed video production training in TV directing, management, presentation skills, and radio interview skills. They have developed programs suitable to the individual needs of their client, coaching their spokespeople so that they have the skills and confidence required to have media interviews that make an impact and are remembered.


Breeze and Freeze Video Production Training

Breeze & Freeze has over a decade of experience in training people in the world of creating and developing videos. They have a team of professionals on board, including Gaenor Howells and Martin Pailthorpe, who help the company to develop courses that are suitable to the individual needs of their clients. The company offers a wealth of different and relevant courses, ranging from basic production skills to radio interview skills, and from TV directing to advanced video production.

What sets Breeze & Freeze apart is that they understand how important it is to remain up to date with new technology in the world of media production, particularly digital technology. This ensures that their clients learn how to work with social media, the internet, and the TV from a 21st-century perspective, which is something that can be applied across the organization. The team at Breeze and Freeze ensures that clients learn how to truly get a message across and how to make sure the impact of such message is optimised.

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More specifically, Breeze & Freeze ensures that clients:

  • Know how engagement with the media works, focusing on unwritten rules.
  • Develop the confidence required to appear on radio and television.
  • Know how to communicate in an effective manner.
  • Understand the importance of interviews from the perspective of the audience, the interviewee, the company, and the media as a whole.
  • Know how to speak in a compelling, crisp and clear manner.
  • Are comfortable in confrontational and difficult interviews.
  • Are confident in the use of all interview formats, including online video, live studio, pre-recordings, three-way interviews, door step interviews, and so on.
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Who Is This Training For?

Breeze & Freeze has a strong focus on the agricultural, food, and rural industries. Anyone who publicly represents these businesses or organizations, therefore, can benefit from this type of training. These include communications professionals such as those in marketing and the press office, media spokespeople, experts, consultants, analysts, academics, authors, editors, managers, chairpersons, executive directors, and so on.

The training can take place in a variety of locations based on what is suitable for the client. The company does recommend it to be delivered in an immersed situation as much as possible. This includes radio stations or television studios, for instance. Breeze & Freeze can provide the location, or the company can pick one of their own choosing.

During video production training, Breeze & Freeze will focus on a variety of different scenarios. These include filming and recording, interview practice, and so on. Participants will receive full coaching and feedback, while also retaining a file of their work for future reference. Naturally, the company will be happy to continue to support clients even after they have completed their training, should they require further support.


Who Are the Trainers?

Breeze and Freeze has a fantastic team of people to deliver the training. The first is Ian Damms, who is the company’s director. He has worked in video production that is specific to the rural and agri-food industry since 1991. His work had taken him to various parts of the world. He is a recognized expert in the field and is respected for his ability to create stunning videos in very difficult circumstances. His courses have been designed to help others learn from his knowledge and skills, encouraging them to become better at what they do.

The second trainer is senior producer Mark Spikings. He had done professional photography before joining Breeze & Freeze. He is known to be able to frame any shot and also has extensive knowledge on still camera controls. He has worked in the job for around 15 years, which has given him a wealth of experience that he wishes to impart on his trainees. Mark is highly respected for his video production skills and he has also developed drone piloting skills. Indeed, since being a boy, he has been fascinated by model aircraft flying. He has also been trained in both agriculture and electrical engineering, which ensures he has fantastic skills and knowledge to contribute to Breeze and Freeze.

Then, there is Martin Pailthorpe, who is a producer and director of television documentaries. He brings 30 years of experience to the team, working in areas such as the high Arctic, the Australian bush, the plains of Zambia, the jungles of Borneo and Guyana, and Everest. His documentaries have been featured on most of the terrestrial channels in the United Kingdom, and he has also worked with international companies such as National Geographic and the Discovery Channel. Pailthorpe has a strong background in working with wildlife, ranging from chasing stories of the Yeti to documenting lions and sharks. He has worked with world-famous presenters, including Bear Grylls, Monty Halls, and Ray Mears. Additionally, he takes great pride in his hands-on approach to editing and camerawork. He has worked as a trainer for a long time as well, lecturing on his travels and work and speaking to anyone from regular members of the public to university students.

The final trainer is Gaenor Howells, who is familiar to most people because of her voice. Indeed, she worked as a BBC World Service presenter and broadcaster for many years, being listened to by millions of people over the years. She originally worked for BBC Wales and S4C, which allowed her to gain the necessary experience for the presentation training she offers today. Over the past quarter of a century, she has worked in virtually all aspects of media and is keen to share her knowledge about this with others.