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Brand Building Through Video Marketing

A hotel and hospitality company is usually a brand and it is important that the story of that brand is told properly. This means showcasing to clients what they can expect from the service, and that requires more than simply a static image on a website. Instead, it requires a visual experience, which can be best delivered through proper video production, such as videos created by Breeze & Freeze.

Does Video Production Work for Hotel and Hospitality?

Statistics have shown that businesses can expect a 67% increase in the likelihood of obtaining a booking if they have video. If one piece of content has both text and video, just 20% will read the text, while the other 80% will choose to view the video. This highlights just how important video production is and why it should be part of a digital marketing investment. Indeed, 52% of global marketers say video has the best ROI for all types of content. Additionally, when you consider that 88% of searches on YouTube are related to destinations, and therefore the hospitality industry, it becomes even clearer that working with Breeze & Freeze is hugely important.

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Hotel and Hospitality Video Production Services for Promotion, Information, or Training

When prospective guests search for a hotel or catering company, they are unlikely to use Vimeo or YouTube. Nevertheless, they expect solid visual representations at the same time. Hence, there is a significant element of search engine optimization so that people can find the video in their Google search results. At the same time, the video itself should have a strong call to action.

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Breeze & Freeze helps clients develop videos that showcase the hotel or the catering business. They make sure the videos are filmed properly, thereby helping them to stand out and provide an accurate representation of the experience that they offer. Breeze & Freeze can make such videos, or they can train their clients on how to make them. However, it should be stressed that a professionally filmed production is an absolute requirement to truly demonstrate to prospective guests and customers what they can expect from a hotel or catering service.


Hospitality and Social Media Recommendation

Facebook is considered to be the ultimate social media tool. It is designed to engage people in a social manner and is a marketing tool for the entire hospitality sector. This is because it can lead to online recommendations, which are some of the most powerful in the world. The 21st-century online user has a very short attention span, but Facebook has an auto-play function that means videos immediately start to play as soon as someone scrolls over them. These are also the videos that tend to get the most likes, comments, and shares. Just recently Facebook has rolled out the option of having a video to replace your main cover image a prime spot for advertising your brand or offers. This means that hotels and catering services can benefit from this one single platform and a lot from video as well.

Video grabs people’s attention and this is why wedding venues, restaurants, and hotels should use them to tell their story. Breeze & Freeze believes any marketing strategy should include video as well. Furthermore, there are additional uses of video marketing.


Video Subject Lines in Email Marketing

The majority of hotel and catering marketing managers have an excellent email marketing strategy in place. This helps them to raise awareness of and promote their brand. It also encourages people to take the business up on promotional efforts during different seasons. However, email marketing is becoming less and less effective, because people simply do not open email messages anymore.


The play button, according to experts, is the most compelling CTA (Call to Action) on the internet today. Indeed, studies have shown that if a video is in the email subject line, open rates increase by as much as 19%. Something that is surprisingly easy to do. It should be another core element of the overall marketing strategy.

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ROI for Hotel and Hospitality Video Production


At the end of the day, what matters is return on investment. If money is to be spent on marketing, it has to deliver results. According to Breeze & Freeze, and the experts seem to agree, any of the above strategies is enough to give a full ROI on the cost of filming the video. Even if a video is only found through email marketing, through a Google search, or through the website, it will cover the cost of having the video produced in the first place. And with the expertise of a company like Breeze & Freeze behind you, it is likely that the video will be found and watched, leading to an increase in business, in all of those places.


Need a Video Production for the Food Sector?

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