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It takes a lot of specialised skills to shoot a video production service specific to the Devon agricultural industry. It also requires a lot of time and it means having the right equipment. Video production for the agricultural industry can be used for a wealth of different things in the South West, England including showcasing the types of crops grown, the methods used during farming, the treatment of animals, and so on.

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Today’s marketing strategies have moved well beyond the use of print media. Devon video production is almost essential in order for agricultural professionals to stand out from the rest. They often turn to companies like Breeze & Freeze a professional video production company specialising in the agricultural sector to help them prepare for the production of their video. This is a process, however, that requires several different aspects that will ensure the overall production goes well.


Factors to Consider During Video Production for the Agricultural Industry

If any of the filming is done outdoors, one important factor is, of course, the weather. An overcast but dry day is generally the best. If there is any sharp sunlight, harsh shadows will also be created and this is generally not advisable for outdoor video production. With cloud cover, the light is more even, creating beautiful shots.

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Humidity levels are also very important. Thankfully, these can easily be obtained from various different online sources and apps. Humidity matters because it has an impact on the filming equipment. It is very important to make sure that equipment is protected while making videos, particularly if they are shot outside. This also means keeping the lenses clean from dust and dirt and making sure the camera is not exposed to direct sunlight. The more expensive the equipment is, the more likely it is that it is also sensitive to fluctuations in temperature. Hence, if the camera is left outside in direct sunlight, it can cause it to break down, which will require expensive repair.


Some of the things often seen in a Devon agricultural video production is for farmers to showcase their harvest. It is an opportunity for them to show what they produce and how they produce and gather it. Creating such a video should be done during the day and it should show every element of the harvest. This can be difficult to plan for, as the light will change as the day goes on, and the weather may change as well.


One of the key reasons why it is important to use the service of a Devon video production company like Breeze & Freeze is that they know what types of things that should be included in the video, and at what time. They look at farming from an action perspective, allowing different people to be included at different times. While farming is usually more about product and process, including people gives it a human touch and makes it more interesting to watch as well. Naturally, it is essential that any individual included in the video has agreed to it. After all, good videos have the potential to be seen by millions, particularly if they are also shared online.