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Whether you are looking for video production in the south west or not It is very important that businesses choose the right style of video marketing strategy. Unless they have done this before, it can be quite difficult to make the right choice. There are so many different styles to choose from and can feel a little overwhelming trying to pick one. But according to the experts at Breeze & Freeze who operate in the south west, Devon and Cornwall, say, you really cannot go wrong with motion graphics. Take for example the food sector; like hotels, and catering businesses, the possibilities are endless here and only limited by your own imagination. But just keeping to the five key video marketing strategies mentioned will give you the right steps to help your business grow if used as an integral part of your apps and video marketing strategy.


Your Custom Video Production/App Fits the Look of the Brand

custom video production

Benefit 1

Using apps, videos, and motion graphics (using the food sector again as an example) ensures that your business can develop a consistent appearance that looks good as well. Professionals like Breeze & Freeze can use the correct corporate colours while making sure that the animation flows in such a way that it is just right. Motion graphics, in particular, are not as cartoony as many other video styles, giving a more formal look, without getting generic at the same time.


Your Custom Video Production/App Tells a Story

Benefit 2

Using apps, video, and motion graphics as part of the overall marketing strategy, businesses can use their imagery (storefront, hotel reception, swimming pool, logos) to help raise awareness of their brand. They can tell a story and convey a message in a way that speaks to their target audience. Most of all, it can showcase how the business sets itself apart from others.

custom video production with story telling


Your Custom Video Production/App Makes Messages Very Clear

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Benefit 3

It is important that a message is educational and shows everybody just how great a certain business is. You have a very short space of time in which to achieve that, so you don’t want to bore them with pages upon pages of information or lengthy interviews. Through apps, video, and motion graphics, you can convey a message quickly, simply, and in a way that everybody can understand. Adding apps, for instance, for booking systems, also makes the overall user experience more convenient and enjoyable.


Your Custom Video Production/App Because it’s Visual, People will Remember it

Benefit 4

People like to watch videos and to share them as well. Motion graphics, in particular, are really memorable. It is a type of content that people can relate to and want to engage with. Apps, meanwhile, are perhaps the greatest technological development of the 21st century and people love to use them and talk about them. Breeze & Freeze has created programs for their clients that have seen an increase in click-through rates from 26% to 85%. That is a huge leap! Additionally, research has shown that if a video advertisement is done right, 80% of people will remember it for at least 30 days.

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Your Custom Video Production/App is Very Persuasive

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Benefit 5

Last but not least, because video uses simple yet engaging messages, can combine a range of different styles, is formal and professional in nature, and is easy to memorise, it is also highly persuasive. Apps do this too, by pushing users in a single direction without them even noticing it. Apps, video, and motion graphics are ways to convey the message of just how amazing your business is. If competition is fierce like in the hospitality industry, finding a way to not just stand out, but persuade prospects that a certain business is better than all the others can make a difference in gaining a new customer.

Remember, If a picture is worth 1,000 words, how much is a video worth?

While it might seem like a rhetorical question, some smart folks suggest a minute of video is worth 1.8 million words.

How to Make It Work

As an expert in their field south west video production company, Breeze & Freeze is available to help those in the food sector to develop apps, video, and motion graphics. They start with a whiteboard and end up with a fantastic product that tells a story, develop a brand image, and spread a memorable message. Motion graphics are one of their key strengths, and they are known for being able to create videos that explain a message and convert by increasing click-through rates. Essentially, these tick all the boxes.

Breeze & Freeze can develop 2D character animations, digital stop-motion animations, virtual reality animations, cartoon animations, and motion graphics. They can incorporate those in apps and videos and more. They have helped countless clients in the food sector to make truly huge wins through video and app marketing, by developing memorable motion graphics that work.

The food sector is quite unique in nature as it can sell a product and deliver a service. This is something that can be incorporated into apps, videos, and motion graphics.

Why not talk to Breeze & Freeze on helping your Marketing strategy or video production. All it takes is an idea to start the wheels in motion.