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At Breeze and Freeze we couple all the attributes of a professional media company with in house technical qualifications and experience of rural industry. Knowledge of the subject matter is an essential complement to our media expertise when it comes to producing video, be it for promotion, information or training.  The net results of this are technical productions for the great outdoors of the highest quality.

Our tools:

  • A selection of broadcast quality digital video cameras
  • Time lapse photography
  • Aerial Imaging
  • Editing Suites

Extensive experience of the production of technical video is utilised to ensure that cost effective programmes are created to deliver technical information effectively in the format of your choice.

All aspects of production are covered, from script writing through to a finished programme.  A client list is available on request.


Production Process

Planning is Paramount

Know your audience, where they will watch and why they will watch. If you are using a script make sure it is as good as it can be. The script must be written and re written several times and agreed before the camera comes out.  Ten rewrites are cheaper than one re-shoot.

Recce the locations for shots, sound and light, and make sure you have all permits and clearances necessary on hand.

Producing video is not a quick process – everything takes longer than you think so make sure you have plenty of time.  If you are working in the British winter months remember that there are only a few hours in the day where there is enough natural light and some days it is so dark there may not be enough at all!

Be sure everyone involved knows call times, dress code and parking regulations.  If using presenters or actors make sure they have the latest copy of the script.

If working with an interviewee who has not appeared on camera before, try to put them at ease and relax them before they go in front of the camera. It is not a good idea to allow novice interviewees autocues or to try and learn their script as it makes their performance “wooden.”  It is far better to chat to them about anything to relax them and then lead the interview to the subject you wish to discuss.


Identification of your aims and objectives, message and audience.

Scripting and Written Material

A tightly written script ensures maximum impact. Where supplementary written material is required for complete training or promotion packages it is linked closely to the video script.


All location work is carefully planned to ensure optimum use of resources.

Rough Edit

Produced by the latest computer technology for maximum flexibility. All major editing decisions are made at this stage.


A professional voice-over, chosen to suit your target audience.

Final Edit

All components from rough edit, voice over and graphics are brought together to produce an effective high quality programme.


Breeze & Freeze team are always available to assist you in the launch of your new video or training package. Equipment can be hired to help you in this task.


Current programmes can be translated or target new export opportunities or communicate effectively with a wider audience.

Changes & Updates

Breeze & Freeze can help you keep your organisation’s profile up to date, and assist you in future communication needs.


Existing material may be transferred to CD-ROM and DVD disks, and designed for interactive use in training, point of sale, or for exhibition stands.

Video Examples

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