Aerial & Timelapse Photography

Technical imagery for us is about getting the picture that illustrates a point. In agriculture sometimes it is not just a beautiful image that sells, it is one that captures a point in time with the right light and angle to show exactly what you need to see. To help us gain these pictures we use various cameras and equipment. This includes aerial photography, infrared photography, thermal images, time-lapse cameras, high speed cameras, high spectrum cameras and whatever it takes to get the image we need.

Crop trial photography and video
The traditional ways of recording crop trials have been paper based and as such to non scientists can be very hard to relate to. At Breeze and Freeze our agricultural qualifications have taken us through all aspects of crop trials and it really helps us to understand trial protocol so that we can create media that helps our clients communicate their trial information more effectively.

Aerial photography and footage
At Breeze and Freeze we have been working with aerial photography and video for 15 years. We started with radio controlled helicopters and various masts and over the past 6 years have built our own drones and other gadgets to enable us to get the shots our clients want. A recent addition to our kit list is one of the latest innovations in drone technology.

Time-lapse photography is the process of capturing thousands of photos over a period of time, and then assembling them together to create seamless video footage that appears sped up. It’s the opposite of slow motion videos where time appears to be moving more slowly.

Lapsed time
Lapsed time is a technique we use when budgets may not stretch to time lapse but then a daily or weekly or monthly shot from a fixed point will illustrate the point. To do this we install specialist timelapse posts that we make or use other techniques to ensure the camera is in exactly the right place each time to capture the changes over a period of time.

Thermal imaging
We have used thermal imaging to illustrate various points in videos in the past the most interesting examples being the heat loss from lambs in comparison to their mothers at lambing time to show how easily hypothermia can set in.

360 degree photography
We use 360 degree photography when it saves the complexity of making a 3D model. Also the photography can be used as a reference for 3D model making. A recent example would be the 360 degree photographs of grass weeds.

Triggered cameras
Triggered cameras give us the opportunity to get a shot of an animal or scene when we are not there and we have various techniques that we can use to do this with passive infrared sensors, an infrared beam and timers that can trigger still cameras, video cameras and go pros.

Imagery Examples

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