Breeze and Freeze Ltd is a UK based production company specialising in the creation of digital media for organisations operating in the great outdoors


Our team of mobile app development experts deliver end-to-end enterprise and consumer solutions for all platforms.

Motion Graphics

We help organisations visualise their products and demonstrate their functionality using 3d and 2d animation of graphics and models.


Extensive experience in the production of technical & corporate video ensures cost effective solutions.

Technical Imagery

We offer aerial & timelapse photography together with the use of specialist cameras which assist your video, marketing or production needs.

Who are Breeze & Freeze?

Breeze and Freeze Ltd is a UK based media production company specialising in the production of digital media for organisations operating in the great outdoors – in areas such as agriculture, the enviroment, food production and wildlife. With our in-depth knowledge of Video Production, Still Photography, Multi-Media Production, Website & App Development, we’re sure to have a solution to your communication needs – whatever the audience or the location.

Breeze and Freeze has been successfully producing visual media and knowledge transfer material for the agri-food and environmental sectors for the past 18 years.

Company director, Ian Damms has over 20 years experience in this sector, with his team of media professionals you can be sure of an excellent result.


What our customers are saying…

Ian, you and your team are clearly very experienced at working with the industry and with government officials. I found you all friendly and very easy and helpful to work with on the DVD. You were also very flexible to our needs and where necessary rearranged your diaries in order to get the job done, on time and to the required standard.
Fred Parsonage, DEFRA
This small but highly professional media company made our dreams a reality, through a combination of professionalism, vision, enthusiasm, highly skilled people a positive attitude but most of all commitment to make our ideas become a reality. The delivery of our long-awaited Virtual Cow to the industry has enjoyed an immediate positive impact. This committed and positive company managed the process for us and helped to keep all elements of the project on track, on time and most importantly on budget.
Lucy Andrews, Holstein UK
I have worked with Breeze and Freeze on two contrasting projects. The first for HGCA , involved Ian Damms filming speakers on soil management. I found Ian unobtrusive, yet incisive in his interview questions, showing a clear understanding of the subject matter and perception of how the subject matter should be presented. All the speakers were very pleased with the end results which gave a good representation of the day in the field. In a second project Breeze and Freeze have had the challenging remit of ‘finishing off’ videos attempted by a less experienced video journalist. They have risen to the challenge and again interpretation and fresh ideas on filming within a tight budget have left me very impressed with their capabilities. The team is a pleasure to work with.
Anna Becvar, Director Earthcare Technical Ltd
Working at a communications agency for many clients, the need to capture rich content at any opportunity is imperative. The requirement for a variety of content formats is a necessity and video performs well on engagement time and time again. This is why we found the Breeze & Freeze training session offering insights and practical video production tips invaluable. The team have an excellent reputation for delivering professional, creative, engaging content and the training served to impart as much of this wisdom as possible… an excellent, interactive course. Thank you Ian and Mark.
Emma Craigie, Head of Media, The Ad Plain Ltd