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idexx production

IDEXX Portuguese


We have just translated the IDEXX videos on the testing of water for Giardia and Crypotosporidium into Portuguese, onto Spanish next.

breeze and Freeze video media specialists

IDEXX French – just coming to the end of production


We have translated the IDEXX training videos into French and they are just about to be launched.

filming in newmarket

IDEXX Filming in Newmarket


Paul and I spent 2 days in mid November at the IDEXX HQ in Newmarket to film the process of Cryptosporidium and Giardia testing of water. It was a fascinating shoot and I take my hat off to the scientist…

camera shot of red deer

Red deer on Exmoor


It is nice to use the cameras and sound kit for other purposes. Like these shots I got using one of my long lenses and a parabolic reflector top capture the roar of the stags.

cereals event 2015

Cereals Event 2015


We had an exceptionally busy time at the Cereals Event in Lincolnshire with two crews working in the fantastic sunny weather. Thank goodness it was a little cooler as the app on my iphone told me I had walked over…

crop trials app

Crop trials


The sunny weather is taking us out into the fields to record crucial stages of crop growth to use in virtual trials and for lapsed time evidence of a products performance.

story of bees

Liquid Gold Released


Bee keepers and those with a sweet tooth will be pleased to hear of the imminent release of Liquid Gold, The Story of Bees and Honey. The video has been produced by Breeze and Freeze as part of a series…

display mockup

New Website Launch


Breeze and Freeze is delighted to announce the launch of our new website, which offers quick and easy access to essential information on Breeze and Freeze, is part of our ongoing efforts to enhance the quality and availability of our…